Looking for something to do? Want a new challenge in which to develop your skills. Wish to contribute & help out your local charity? If this grabs your interest then chances are volunteering is for you. We have various opportunities available at the peace centre; please select one of the options below to find out more.
young people
Volunteering not only benefits the charity. It benefits you. It is an opportunity to develop essential skills, gain invaluable experience and develop your confidence.

Interested? Volunteering is an excellent way to demonstrate your key skills to prospective employers & universities. Think of it as a personal development programme. The abilities you develop here will assist and prepare you in school, college & the work environment. click here for more information
Volunteering offers a great deal. It can be incredibly rewarding and offers people a sense of fulfilment from a job well done.

Looking for a new direction, to meet new people or to develop your existing skills? Why not try volunteering? There are various opportunities available, from face to face delivery to 'behind the scenes' essential work.click here for more information