Parents under Pressure

Why Substance misuse features in the lives of one in four children protected by local authorities. We want to tackle and reduce the harm caused when parents drink or take drugs, as early as possible in children’s lives.

Takes place At your home

About the programme

The NSPCC is running an intensive home visiting programme in Warrington to reduce the number of babies and toddlers harmed by parents with severe drug and alcohol problems.

We encourage a wide range of agencies and professionals including midwives, social workers, and drug and alcohol workers to refer parents to us. NSPCC workers visit the homes of alcoholic or drug-using parents who have babies under two and a half years old, on a weekly basis. They work with mothers and fathers to help them build parenting skills and develop safe, caring relationships with their babies.

How to join: Contact the NSPCC in Warrington on 01925 581200 to find out more.