Family Environment: Drug Using Parents (FEDUP)

Why? More than 250,000 children have parents with drug problems in the UK; three in 10 live with at least one binge drinking parent. Children whose parents have drug and alcohol problems are at high risk of abuse or neglect and often lead chaotic lives. Research shows strong links between parental substance misuse and domestic violence. Living with a substance misusing parent affects childrens self esteem and can deprive them of a normal childhood. They are more likely to lead harmful lifestyles later in life and suffer problems with their health, education or criminal behaviour.

Takes place NSPCC service centre at the Peace Centre

About the Programme

FEDUP (Family Environment: Drug Using Parents) is a group work programme for children whose parents have drug and alcohol problems and are at high risk of abuse or neglect.

The programme works with children between 5 and 12 years of age. NSPCC social workers lead groups of up to five children, over twelve weekly sessions. The groups give the children a safe space and mutual support to build self-esteem. NSPCC workers talk to the child about their family life so that they can check they are safe, and discuss with them the ways in which they can develop coping strategies. The workers also help the parents understand how their addictions affect their children and challenge them to change their behaviour. They teach parents skills to keep their children safe and care for them better.


How to join: Contact the NSPCC in Warrington on 01925 581200 to find out more.