Exploring Forgiveness (Survivors for Peace )

Who can take part This programme is only for people affected by conflict, terrorism and political violence.

Takes place The Peace Centre

Delivered by Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace

What to expect

This day event will be an opportunity to explore what we understand by forgiveness, challenge assumptions and look at the role it may play in building peace. The event will bring together speakers who have been affected by conflict to explore what forgiveness means to them and also reflect on their personal experiences of forgiveness. This interactive programme will also provide an opportunity to draw on your own experiences and understanding of forgiveness. 

How to take part: This programme is closed to the general public, but if you have been affected by conflict or terrorism and would like to take part, please contact Jo Dover on 01925 581240 for more information about how you can get involved or complete our enquiry form.

Links: www.foundation4peace.org