Leadership for Peace (Survivors for Peace)

Who can take part This programme is only for people affected by conflict, terrisom and political violence

Takes place The Peace Centre

Delivered by Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation Programme Team

What to expect

This will be a chance for you to learn at little more about the impact of trauma on individuals and families and the different ways trauma impacts on people in the months and sometimes years following events. You will have an opportunity to hear from others who may be going through similiar experiences and have a chance to discuss some of the difficulties and challenges involved in supporting people affected by trauma. There is also a chance to talk informally together (if you wish) to gain support from each other.

How to take part: This programme is closed to the general public, but if you have been affected by conflict or terrorism and would like to take part, please contact Jo Dover 01925 581231 for more information and how you can get involved or complete the enquiry form.

Links: www.foundation4peace.org